This Repost Courtesy of tinybuddha

This Repost Courtesy of tinybuddha

“The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.” -Unknown

As odd as it may sound, it can be comforting to accept that it’s just plain too late for you–that you can’t change careers, fall in love, or do whatever you once wanted to do in life.Picture added to post

When you resign yourself to believing there are no more chances, you don’t have to take responsibility for creating the world as you’d like to experience it. Instead you can blame external causes, anything from people to limited resources to time in general. Giving your power away like this can be a tremendous relief because then you don’t have to use it.

Use it.

Start today in some small way. Take a chance or even a step toward a chance. It may mean stepping outside your comfort zone, which can be scary at first; but in the long run, this type of courage will go a long way in creating a satisfying life.

Research shows feeling out of a control is leading cause of unhappiness and stress. Though there are things you cannot control, you are far more powerful than you realize. There is a lot you can accomplish when you’re willing to take a chance.

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